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Established on July 1st 2020, this 24/7 Firewall family of 1000's of intercessors is and has been a gift of God to the nation. With over 160 teams leading hour after hour all through the night, and with teams from coast to coast leading in both english and french, the CF is and will be foundational to the Revival and Reformation of Canada.  Join the CF either through the website or through the app anytime of day or night, and Don't miss the highlight of the week for so many, the weekly Reset at 7am PST, with various five fold ministers from around the nation. 

Kelowna Harvest Church Non Denominational Fellowship - RRA

With the restoration of God's government and the true Five Fold ministry, the Revival Reformation Alliance is leading the way in the nation of Canada in a spirit of unity, through Holy Spirit led National gatherings, and through the weekly Revival Reformation Reset hosted by the Canadian Firewall.

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To all who call KHC their family, this local church is said to be like no other.  People come from all around to worship the KING, to partake of the incredible presence and habitation of His Spirit, and to drink deeply of the well that is in the midst of the people. From salvations to healings of all sorts, to deliverance and impartations, you never know what God is about to do at KHC. Join anytime for open to all services, with some of the most anointed worship and preaching in Canada. 

Meet The Team

Art Lucier<br />Apostolic Overseer
Art Lucier
Apostolic Overseer
Heather Lucier<br />Director Of Finance
Heather Lucier
Director Of Finance
Bill Olsen<br />Canadian Firewall Director
Bill Olsen
Canadian Firewall Director
Nicole Ashby<br />Executive Administrator
Nicole Ashby
Executive Administrator
Hannah Mapson<br />Administrative Assistant
Hannah Mapson
Administrative Assistant
Devonne-Dee Miller<br />Partner Relations
Devonne-Dee Miller
Partner Relations
Art Mercer<br />Financial Assistant
Art Mercer
Financial Assistant
Justin Long<br />Financial Assistant
Justin Long
Financial Assistant
Mo Blandon<br />Technical Advisor
Mo Blandon
Technical Advisor
Darnell Turner<br />Sound Engineer
Darnell Turner
Sound Engineer
Steve Horton<br />Missions Director
Steve Horton
Missions Director
John Ashby<br />Maintenance/Security Overseer
John Ashby
Maintenance/Security Overseer
Louise Grimm<br />Hospitality
Louise Grimm



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2041 Harvey Ave.
Kelowna, BC  V1X 3J4



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About Harvest Ministries International

Established in 2003 by Art and Heather Lucier, Harvest Ministries International is a multifaceted ministry both to the City of Kelowna, as well as to the Dominion of Canada. HMI has had the privilege to establish and oversee the creation of the Canadian Firewall, a national 24/7 prayer wall and room, since July 1st 2020. HMI has also stood for the church of Canada, as we contend for God's blessings with the Battle For Canada's National Gatherings, as well as different Faith Fire Freedom events throughout Canada, and more recently, the incredible 'Finding Your Voice' women's conferences led by Heather Lucier and team.  HMI has also been instrumental in bringing together a most incredible 5 Fold ministry team and family called the Revival Reformation Alliance, or the RRA, giving anointed unified leadership for national events, while also overseeing the Kelowna Harvest Church.  Welcome to the family. 

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Harvest Ministries International &
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